In the field of higher education, serious effects are occurring with regard to the corollaries of stress on students, as well as on teachers.

Recently, several notable articles about this subject have been published from the social and academic points of view.

With regard to the social point of view, The Guardian newspaper published recently as it is quite common today the presence of mental illnesses among teaching staff regarding relations with students. It seems incredible how in the case of higher levels in which the effects such as bulling or social pressure on teachers are as much or more present than in other scales of the educational field.

Although the newspaper justifies that such crises are due to a saturation of work and the social pressure of student associations, a server believes that it is an effect from the tension exerted by the student on the teacher.

Within this spectrum, we can find both the enforceability and the contempt exerted by some students on their mentors. It is not uncommon to observe in some situations such as new students, relying on their high university access qualifications they belittle and / or cast doubt on the teachings and criteria that their teachers apply at the University.

Although these students boast of their high marks, it is necessary to take into account two aspects.

On the one hand, the criteria update. Although to access a university degree nowadays, you have to have a practically immaculate record, nowadays a higher percentage of students have better access to highly qualified careers. However, twenty or thirty years ago, the number of opportunities was more limited and probably with the same level of demand or even greater, since to get a higher degree many students had to work and work physically and mentally to get it. Although many students are still subject to these pressures, the figures are substantially lower than in the previous century. All this based on the existence of substantial and substantial scholarships that virtually protect any individual in a situation of difficulty – or even precariousness -.

On the other hand, mutual respect. Although the students of today can have this high preparation of which we have spoken, they have a great lack, the absence of experience.

Experience is a decisive factor that affects in a double way depending on the moral of the individual. It can be due both to the generation of stress to the student for not being able to obtain a job due to this lack of experience and, as well as due to situations of excessive self-confidence that lead to self-centeredness and contempt for the ancestor for not belonging to an elite that the egocentric belongs.

Given the first assumption, stress tends to be favorable, since it encourages self-improvement and the creation of a vital long-term project by the student who wants to prosper and make their own prosper. However, given the second case, it generates a situation of rejection and personal impairment due to a lack of excessive civility. Whether or not the teachers have high qualifications, it is necessary to take note of the following verse of the popular poetry of my land: “The devil knows more by old than by devil”. Therefore, in case the moral has deviated from its orbit, a course correction is always possible.

From an academic point of view, publications such as the one reflected on this topic in the Arabian Journal of Business and Management Review may show significant levels of stress as a result of the pressure exerted on students in education institutes, according to the preparation to make them the individuals who play a crucial role in the development and prosperity of the country. However, to date, the use of technologies, government management and business development still leaves much to be desired, since basically the use of technologies and methods that previous generations have designed. See in this regard, in computer technology, those designed by Bill Gates or Steve Jobs continue to be applied, with minor modifications but no disruptive systems have been created that exceed these geniuses; or as in the management of Governments it ends up calling politicians prepared from ancient times, while young politicians may have a degree, but they have only dedicated themselves to politics that in most cases has nothing to do with management high budgets, much less with human resources management.

In conclusion, it is necessary to clarify that the presence of stress in some situations does not have to be understood as a counterproductive fact, it is necessary to see the conception of stress as a positive element and as a negative element since, following my dear friend Professor Lennart Levi, stress can be the salt of life or the kiss of death. Therefore, it is advisable to be under stress as long as it works as an incentive to evolution and not as a nail in our coffin.



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