Al-Khalifa Business School launched for 2020 a new program based in offering high-quality online education with brief courses that are free or at a reduced cost.

The main idea is giving the opportunity to all ages for joining courses of actual topics and help countries in developing a good opportunity to grow up with the cultural exchange.

Assaf Foundation is collaborating in this project related to AKBS cultural project “Cross-Cultural and Cross-Functional Higher Education Project” Partnership for SDGs  Initiative Registered (Ref. #33195) in the database of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals through AKBS.

The intention of AKBS is helping students trough network connections and job possibilities for their future as well as starting a career in the Business School from the Starting programs of January 2020.

The funds that are raised by Assaf Foundation in this project will serve to contribute to the intensive training of students and professionals who want to obtain an improvement in their careers in order to prosper contributing to sustainable development in all parts of the World.

Feel free to join Assaf Foundation and Al-Khalifa Business School!





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