Al-Khalifa Business School launches the educational book based on the courses of Open World Program “Basic Learning of Blockchain Technology”.

Previously of studying the influence of Blockchain and the possible economic effects, it is necessary to define some quotes about what means and why it is needed in the society of our times.
First of all, the etymology of Blockchain is composed of two words. “Block which is a record of new transactions, so when the block is completed, it’s added to the chain”.
Second, Blockchain defined as the technology which covers digital currencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum, allowing digital information to be distributed. This is basically that the information is knowing everywhere – not being copied – and having the certification that each piece of data can only have one owner.
The operative of Blockchain is quite complicated for explaining in the short time we have, nevertheless what we have to know is the main objective: Blockchain is the right way to save data and keep it immutable.

Once we have defined the basic aspects of the Blockchain, it is necessary to establish the basic procedure of use and the opportunities of growth that this incipient industry presents.
Nowadays, Blockchain technology becomes a new backbone to the digital internet, especially trough digital currencies like Bitcoins and Tokens which have multiple potential uses.

The book is developed with the aim of helping different generations to understand the concept of Blockchain and how to apply it in their own industries.

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