Al-Khalifa Business School launches the educational book based on the courses of Open World Program “Introduction to Blockchain in the Middle East”.

In the field of Fintech and Blockchain, Fintech startups expected to attract 2 billion dollars in ventures over the resulting decade (about multiple times of individual financing interests in such startups in recent years).

Include that the quantity of Fintech enterprises moreover expected to ascend by more than five-hundredths from a hundred thirty to 260.

Worldwide the size of the abundance of business is close to 424 billion dollars. This field is similar to a general half-hour of the joined total national output of all Gulf Cooperation Council nations (a political and affordable coalition of Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, and Oman).

In 2018, the UAE Government propelled the Emirates Blockchain Strategy 2021. Started by Sheik Hamdan, it’s the aftereffects of the cooperation between the reasonable city working environment and furthermore the city Future Foundation. The methodology intends to put more than five-hundredths of administration exchanges onto the blockchain by 2021. This implies half of the administration Transactions on the Blockchain by 2021.

In UAE, Smart Cities as of now consolidates a long convention of driving advanced development. At that point this Smart Cities, which were already city, are currently pioneers will apply more step by step to blockchain innovation trying to make it the essential blockchain powerful government inside the world.

UAE technique for blockchain centers around four key subjects: joy nationals and inhabitants, raising government intensity, universal administration and propelled enactment.

Oil partnerships, explicitly, zone unit guiding the use of blockchain for interest, following and corporate greed oil, additionally as streamlining development site activities. The UAE is home to some of the principal adopters.

The book is developed with the aim of helping different generations to understand the concept of Blockchain and the influence in Middle East countries.

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