Vicente Reig Basset is a career soldier in the Spanish Civil Guard Corps specialized in the fight against terrorism.

Upon leaving the General Military Academy as a lieutenant, he was assigned to Zaragoza to lead a citizen security group to later take charge of a section of the rural groups with whom he worked in special events.

At the beginning of the 90s, he went to an intelligence post in the fight against the terrorist band ETA in Navarra in which he dedicated himself to breaking up terrorist commands and cells. He promoted the captain and was entrusted to lead the anti-terrorist intelligence service of Navarra and, in turn, began to instruct police forces in African and Latin American states. While in Panama, he was promoted to commander and held a headquarters in the Vizcaya Command.

In 2010 ascends to lieutenant colonel. The first destination was Afghanistan, where it is put at the head of the Civil Guard Units that were deployed in the ISAF (International Security Assistance Force) to support the security forces of the Middle Eastern country in its fight against the groups insurgents Two years later he returns to the province of Alto Aragón, where he remains until 2016 as chief colonel of the Commandant Headquarters.

During the last years, he has served as head of a project implemented by the European Union in Bolivia to support the security forces of the South American country in the fight against drug trafficking.

At present, he was in the commission of service in the Plana Mayor of the Armed Institute in Madrid until he is appointed as the new chief colonel of Las Palmas (Canary Islands).

Because of all of his career in contra-terrorism he received different decorations like the Entrust Distinguished Services In the Fight against drug trafficking issued by Special Force Fight Drug Trafficking Bolivian Police, Silver Cross of distinguished services of the Police University of Bolivia, Cross of Merit Officer Bolivian Police, Entrust to the Order of the Royal Order Isabel la Católica, Silver Cross Penitentiary Social Merit, Silver Cross of the Red Cross, Bronze Cross of the Road Safety Merit with blue badge, Cross, Plaque and Commendation of the Royal Military Order of Saint Hermenegildo, Bronze Medal of the Interior Security of France, Services Cross distinguished in Afghanistan from the Italian Army, 50th Anniversary Medal of the UN, NATO Medal to the Afghanistan Campaign, Commendation of the Royal Order of Civil Merit, Silver Cross of the French National Defense and 8 Crosses of Merit of the Civil Guard, between others.

He is currently doing the General Employment Promotion Course at the Center for Higher Studies of Defense in Madrid for being promoted to General of the Civil Guard.

We welcome Colonel Vicente Reig Basset on board!



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