Ms. Joana Gyan is an artisanal miner, a licensed gold miner, a licensed gold salesman, a gold buyer’s license, a licensed gold exporter, an investor, an entrepreneur, a philanthropist, and a business executive.

The CEO and founder of GOLDEN EMPIRE LEGACY LIMITED and many other companies have signed up and added to his credit as an entrepreneur. A private company that is growing rapidly in the annals of Ghana and around the world. Miss Joana Gyan is known in the public space for her benevolence towards orphanages.

Manufacturing a twenty-first-century business titan from the black continent of Africa costs nothing.

A doppelganger of the forged steel woman, the oven of the adversity of life; his adornment is his credibility in the street. She is the incarnation of the hearts of a hundred powerful men.

A charismatic visionary and defender of the oppressed. Summer at the door and back of hell, she releases silhouettes of wisdom, courage and class.

Joana Gyan is a young businesswoman who has left her indelible mark on Ghana’s business elite by being the first and only woman to carve out a place and seize Gold territories in an industry totally colonized by men.

She has fought in the ranks of the mining sector, gained ground and consolidated her Golden Empire Legacy (LTD) business empire as the last name in Ghana, buying gold. with local miners and exporting gold to the international.

Today, Golden Empire Legacy Ltd is the largest gold agent in Ghana. procure gold from local miners and export on a global scale.

His kindness and love for humanity have earned him the label of one of Ghana’s most charitable philanthropists. This feat is evident in the activities of the Joana Gyan Foundation; an NGO dedicated to improving the catastrophic welfare conditions of mining communities in Ghana.

We welcome Ms. Joana Gyan on board!



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