Brigadier General Ambassador Dr. Wallace W Williams, the Honorary Consul General for the Caribbean Islands of Antigua & Barbuda to the Federal Republic of Nigeria is the Ambassador and Distinguished Fellow for the Institute of Leadership and Management United Kingdom, Ambassador for ABR (African Business Round Table) to the Americas, founder of the Advocacy Movement and Chairman of the African Development Goals Initiative.
General Wallace has dedicated over 4 decades of his life forging ties between people, businesses, governments and civil societies in Africa, Europe and America. He has special interests in Africa/Caribbean relationships and has spearheaded countless trades, technical and training missions to introduce Africa to the world. He has also led and coordinated several bilateral economic & military visits of African leaders & strategic military visits to the Caribbean, pioneered economic relationships between key decision-makers in Africa, Caribbean and internationally.
He is also the Commander-In-Chief National Interschool Brigade (Military Cadet Youth Academy) Jamaica.
We are honored to receive Brig. General Dr. Amb. Wallace W. Williams on Board!



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