With over a decade of leadership experience in the profit and nonprofit sectors and a unique educational background, Amb. Dabholkar stands at the intersection of Purpose and Profit. Her passion for public service inspired her to study International Human Rights Law and Business.

She spearheaded Operations for the American Red Cross as the Chief of Regional Operations. During the same time, she also served as the Red Cross Managing Director of Round It Up America® (RIUA) – a partnership between the American Red Cross and RIUA, a nonprofit initiative by leaders in the restaurant industry to end world hunger by engaging the restaurant, food and beverage industry in giving back.

After leading one of the most prestigious organizations, her desire to be in the trenches and the zest to bring humanitarian relief to socially disadvantaged families and make the planet a safer place for our children led her to GIFT Global Initiative – a powerful tool to serve children and families affected by violence, trafficking and exploitation.

Today under her vision and leadership, GIFT serves over 6000 children every year. GIFT launched several programs such as Pop-Up Schools, Mobile Health Clinics, Solar Lights, Clean Water, Sanitation, GGI Works (jobs and entrepreneurship initiative), Mental Health Therapy through Music, Urban Agriculture lessons to children from lower-income neighborhoods and more.

Her work in prison reform and mental health led to a confirmation vote by the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors to formally appoint her as a Commissioner on the esteemed Sybil Brand Commission for Institutional Inspections to oversee Human Rights Violations in the Prison System.

In 2019, Amb. Dabholkar was nominated for the prestigious Raoul Wallenberg Prize for extraordinary humanitarian achievements.

We are honored to receive Amb. Manna Dabholkar on Board!



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