Professor Olga Mroz of the Open World Program of Art started a project with the international artist R.O. Schabbach.

The project is technically very demanding, environmentally friendly, energy-saving. This is a worldwide unique work of art with 160 meters high at Hochmoselbrücke bridge in Germany.

The project means a visible symbol and sign and also a call for more peace in the world when thousands of people could enjoy the magical moments with this masterpiece.

“Love and Light for World Peace” Light art sculpture by international artist R.O. Schabbach has aroused great media interest. We are proud. A project is privately financed, so we are always open to sponsors.

The artist R.O.Schabbach was born in Dusseldorf, Germany and is an internationally renowned artist. Together with his wife Sherri Tyler, he designed “Symphony of Colors”, the Peace Award-winning Light Art Installation that holds 2 World Records for “Love & Light for World Peace”. The international light art projects build emotional, psychological, artistic concepts that motivate people to live in peace & harmony with one another.

The Hochmoselbrücke (High Moselle Bridge) is a major road bridge, that crosses the valley of the Moselle south of Ürzig and north of Zeltingen-Rachtig in Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany. It was opened to the public traffic on 21 November 2019. The bridge – part of a road connection, the Hochmoselübergang (High Moselle Crossing), incorporating a rerouted stretch of Bundesstrasse (Federal Highway) 50 – is intended to facilitate the flow of traffic between Belgian and Dutch ports and the greater Frankfurt area.



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