New Program for 2020

Developed in equivalence with ICFAI University and ICFAI Business Schools, the Ph.D. program is designed for students interested in management teaching, research, and consultancy.

The main objectives of the program are to develop management teachers well equipped with the skills required for imparting education to business school students and to develop bright young academics with research skills to conduct research in contemporary issues in management.


Course description

The fundamental goals of the program are to develop the future leaders well equipped with the aptitudes required for granting education to business college students and to develop brilliant youthful academics with examining abilities to conduct look into contemporary issues in business management.

The Ph.D. program has 4 phases: Doctoral Coursework, Qualifying Assessment, Planning of Exploration Proposition and Final Dissertation which can be completed in a maximum time of four years and a minimum time of one year.

There are two options: Full-Time and Part-Time Ph.D.

The candidates who are seeking admission for the Full-Time Ph.D. program need to have a post-graduate Master’s Degree in disciplines related to business management.

  • The Doctoral Coursework ensures the students pick up the necessary functional skills to carry out Doctoral Thesis Research through online seminars, online courses and distance research projects.
  • The Qualifying Assessment is the end of the coursework, where is tested the student’s knowledge of the different areas and their ability to develop professional scientific research in the field. At this stage, students made their dissertation proposal under the guidance of a Doctoral Advisory Committee.
  • The Planning of Exploration Proposition consists in the exchange of research with a foreign University (that can be one of the institutions that belong to the ICFAI Group).
  • The Final Dissertation is the Ph.D. thesis that has to be defended after the finishing of the past three modules.

The Ph.D. program trains the candidate to an extent where they can be assured of success in any organization – whether academic or corporate.

The part-time Ph.D. works in an almost similar manner. The course work is completed over a period of two years and the candidate is expected to make eight visits to campus for 9 days each in a quarter in a maximum time of 4 years and a minimum of 2 years.

The process of Qualifying Assessment, Thesis Proposal and Final Dissertation are the same as the Full-Time Ph.D. program.


*Optionally, the exchange can be in the foreign country to make a dual degree of face-to-face and online education under the Visiting Scholar Program on a self-supported basis.




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