AUTHOR: Prof. Dr. Igor O. Eleferenko

ABSTRACT: A little-known and insufficiently studied page in the biography of the Russian emperor-sufferer Nikolai Alexandrovich Romanov is his warm long-standing friendship with the Spanish king Alfonso XIII. We would like to tell readers about only one episode that emphasizes the kinship of the souls of two warrior monarchs!

In 1908, the rapprochement of the monarchs of countries located on opposite ends of Europe received its symbolic military-historical expression. This fact is practically unknown in Russia, but it is worthy that after 110 years we would proudly recall it. The exchange of honorary military ranks in the most famous regiments at that time was a common practice among European monarchs and agreed upon in advance. On January 23, 1908, on the day of his birthday, the Spanish king Alfonso XIII received a telegram in French from the Russian autocrat, which said: “I send your Majesty the most sincere congratulations on the occasion of your Angel Day and I am pleased to inform you that in accordance with the decree, which will be published tomorrow, I appoint Your Majesty the colonel chief of the 7th Olviopolsky Uhlan Regiment. “

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