Prof. Sir Manuel Freire-Garabal Communications at the 3rd RACS International Congress 2020 in Portugal

Communications at the International Congress Poster “Revisão bibliográfica PRISMA sobre o Conhecimento sobre as necessidades de anonimização de Imagens de Pacientes de Ciências Dentárias no âmbito clínico e do ensino superior” at Reunião Internacional da Rede Académica das Ciências da Saúde da Lusofonia (3ª rRACS, 2020) by Prof. Sir Manuel Freire-Garabal. Oral Communication “Tecnologia Distribuída de Ledger

Article “Practical Recommendations to the New Education Policy of India 2020” in AKBS Edu-Journal by Prof. Sir Manuel Freire-Garabal

ABSTRACT: Based on the speech of the webinar conference “Panel Discussion-National Education Policy 2020: Perspectives & Opportunities” at Lovely Professional University, in this article, are given some of the keys and opportunities regarding private investments in the Indian educational market as well as some recommendations to apply in online learning. KEYWORDS: New Education Policy, India, Online Learning.

Article “General Vision about U.S. Legal Regulation related to Data Management and Protection” in AKBS Law Review by Prof. Sir Manuel Freire-Garabal.

ABSTRACT: In the United States of America, regarding Data Protection and management, there are no particular laws. There are different regulations, but not such as the General Protection Law of Europe. In the U.S. Data Regulation history, there are different advances and State Laws but never was defined as a general Law that covers all the legal

Article “General Vision of the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of April 27, 2016” by Prof. Sir Manuel Freire-Garabal in AKBS Law Review

  ABSTRACT: In the European regulation, the Data Protection is one of the most important keys in relation to protecting individuals and, in consequence, the institutions that they represent, or they will work with. The Data Protection and Management it is ruled by the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of

Comment “Faralda Crane Hotel, the habitable art sculpture in Amsterdam” by Prof. Olga Mroz in AKBS Art Review

AUTHOR: Prof. Olga Mroz ABSTRACT: I see a report on TV and suddenly my curiosity is captivated. The visionary Edwin Kornmann Rudi created something so extraordinary in Amsterdam at Jan Hasseltkanaal and I wonder why and why? I would like to make personal contact and learn more. The sight and the aesthetics fascinate me, it must

Comment “Faralda Crane Hotel, die bewohnbare Kunst Skulptur in Amsterdam” in AKBS Art Journal by Prof. Mroz

AUTHOR: Prof. Olga Mroz ABSTRACT: Ich sehe einen Bericht im Fernsehen und schlagartig wird meine Neugier gefesselt. Der Visionär Edwin Kornmann Rudi hat in Amsterdam am Jan Hasseltkanaal etwas so Aussergewöhnliches erschaffen und ich frage mich wozu und warum ? Ich möchte persönlichen Kontakt aufnehmen und mehr erfahren. Der Anblick und die Ästhetik faszinieren mich,

AKBS Art Journal

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Cross flight of St. Petersburg with the miraculous myrrh-streaming icon of Tsar Nicholas on the plane board on the Day of the celebration of the icon of the Mother of God ” Gracious Heaven ” in AKBS Media Review

  AUTHOR: Igor Smykov ABSTRACT: On March 19, 2020, the day of celebration of the icons of the Mother of God “Gracious Heaven” and “Czestochowa”, the miraculous myrrh-streaming icon of Tsar Nicholas with the blessing of the Metropolitan of St. Petersburg and Ladoga Varsonofy, was encircled in a plane around St. Petersburg. The Cross Flight was

AKBS A.I. Review

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