Communications at the International Congress Poster “Revisão bibliográfica PRISMA sobre o Conhecimento sobre as necessidades de […]
ABSTRACT: Based on the speech of the webinar conference “Panel Discussion-National Education Policy 2020: Perspectives & Opportunities” […]
ABSTRACT: In the United States of America, regarding Data Protection and management, there are no particular laws. There […]
AUTHOR: Prof. Olga Mroz ABSTRACT: I see a report on TV and suddenly my curiosity is captivated. […]
AUTHOR: Prof. Olga Mroz ABSTRACT: Ich sehe einen Bericht im Fernsehen und schlagartig wird meine Neugier […]
AUTHOR: Prof. Olga Mroz ABSTRACT: Our message is to live together in peace and harmony. We want […]
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  About The AKBS A.I. Review is an official journal of Al-Khalifa Business School to publish on the […]