The AKBS Art Journal is an art magazine to publish on the disrupting art field. It features essays, articles and comments. In conjunction with its print run, AKBS Art Journal is published here at pubpub.org.

Edited by Al-Khalifa Business School staff based out of the Departments of Media and Open World.

AKBS Art Journal fills a critical need in the field for a neutral, disinterested, and reputable platform to publish high-quality content and to advance discourse in Art in contribution to culture and social-economic development.

For sponsorship opportunities or print copies, please email the Administrator at art@alkhalifabusinessschool.online


We accept Articles (10,000+ words), Essays (up to 10,000 words), and Comments (under 3,000 words).

The Journal’s print version is published once a year in the end of the year.

Submissions are accepted year-round. They need not focus exclusively on the fields of the current programs of AKBS.

About the Editor in Chief

Prof. Olga Mroz is the Director of the Art Program of AKBS. She is an art manager with more than 30 years of experience in art as a manager and curator.

She works with some of the best private art investors of Europe and North America with exhibitions in museums and private banks of Switzerland.



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