AUTHOR: Prof. Olga Mroz

ABSTRACT: I see a report on TV and suddenly my curiosity is captivated. The visionary Edwin Kornmann Rudi created something so extraordinary in Amsterdam at Jan Hasseltkanaal and I wonder why and why? I would like to make personal contact and learn more. The sight and the aesthetics fascinate me, it must be an experience to be there and to be able to immerse yourself in the work of this person.

In Amsterdam at the harbor, the Faralda crane stands out like a filigree sculpture 50 meters high from the urban context. Excellent in the world of architecture, a piece of originality and entrepreneurial creative freedom, radical and courageous. The signal-red details, the curved red external staircase and, in contrast, that catch the eye from a distance

We can solve all problems if we have the courage to communicate with each other.

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