Syed Anas Wajid Ali has been appointed as Vice-Dean of Advancement on May 4th, 2020.

He is an entrepreneur with residence in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. He studied Bachelor in Sciences at Oxford Brokes University and he did many courses of specialization in Business Administration.  He was Selected to handle OASIS Innovation Incubator online system development as well as website design and development due to superb professional acumen and excellent work ethic. He has Flawlessly conducted event management and planning for the International Innovative Platform of Islamic Economics Products and the 2nd International Innovative Platform for Islamic Economy Products.

He is Delivered expert assistance in matters relating to marketing and publicity for the company and administered employment agreements and project contracts. He worked as an administrator on Nasser Al-Dossary and on NTM Co. He was Secretary-General of Creative Gravity. Nowadays he is a member of the Islamic Center of Arab Economy, developing new opportunities for Arab Markets around the World.



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