The Director of Al-Khalifa Business School Social Community program has been collaborating with the town of North Miami Beach with some donation campaigns during the last weeks.

More than 2000 food boxes were distributed for Christmas with chicken, hot dogs, mincemeat, cheese, butter, milk, varieties of fruits and vegetables. There were also distributions of KN95 masks, toys to all the children who attended, as well as COVID tests.

As Dr. Suarez said: “A heartfelt thanks to everyone who made this possible: North Miami Beach Mayor Anthony De Fillipo, Police Chief and the entire North Miami Beach Police Corps, Geo Herrera from Helping Florida, Pastor Edith Leon and her husband Pastor Freiser Leon, all the volunteers from La Cosecha International Ministry, Nitza Mendoza, Doctor Federico from Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola, my sister Leon Nancy Garay, donors, to the doctors and nurses who were very early doing the Covid tests together with Walgreen, to the Nova University, to the radio stations to the television networks that were all the time covering the event, to the Living Church, Pastor Rubén and the Reverend, Chen Senior Medical Center, the Neighborhood Maintenance and Beautification Division, in short, to all the volunteers and especially to the City of North Miami Beach in general and above all to God”.


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