Al-Khalifa Business School and the Global Commerce Forum – Energy Africa Conference become partners based on their common interest in promoting mutual cooperation in the area of education.

Energy Africa Conference (EAC) is an educational cost-recovery endeavor dedicated to education and increasing access to energy in Africa. The Energy Africa Conference has developed a community of project developers, investors, funders, policymakers, service providers and other professionals in the energy space from around the globe and Africa, to form partnerships, identify bankable projects in Africa and collaboratively fund and deploy these projects in line with the Power Africa Initiative and the United Nations Sustainability Goals. The Global Commerce Forum is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization dedicated to providing educational opportunities and exchanging knowledge and ideas about global commerce and the environment. 

This group of dedicated and forward-thinking business executives, government and non-governmental officials, academicians, engineers, investors, students, and policymakers from different fields and countries around the world seeks to catalyze worldwide coordination, cooperation and collaboration among different constituents and stakeholders to facilitate low carbon global trade and emerging market countries’ economic development, alleviate poverty, and recast the standard of living of the under-served populations.

The Global Commerce Forum produces the Energy Africa Conference annually aimed at accomplishing dual objectives: Provide a platform for high-level decision-makers from academia, business, national governments and civil society to the dialog, exchange best practices, technologies and ideas on how Africa can develop low carbon, affordable, resilient and sustainable energy systems to reduce energy poverty and catalyze economic development; and Connecting firms from all over the world to business opportunities in the African energy sector.

In the spirit of international cooperation as well as in recognition of mutual educational interest and research aspirations of both institutions, EAC and AKBS agree to develop a broad range of possible educational programs.

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