Welcome on board to our esteemed friend and fellow Alan Coxon who joined the AKBS International Advisory Board.

Alan Coxon has a lifelong career in food, hospitality and media. A multi-award-winning chef with global recognition for his knowledge, communication skills and incredibly diverse experiences, from Michelin star restaurants to 5-star hotels and everything in between.

Alan is passionate about quality food and ingredients, helping to promote, support, improve and retain quality within the food, drink, hospitality and catering industries.

He is a global inspiration for other chefs, a natural motivator, tutor and mentor with more than 40 years experience and who has developed culinary contacts in every corner of the planet, whilst at the same time gaining recognition from general consumers and TV viewers around the world.    

Alan is a “Global” culinary consultant, Author of 5 cookbooks to date ( 2 awards winning), Culinary Innovator ( creator and multi-award winner of a unique food range), International Speaker: Ted Speaker Monte Carlo, China, UK, India, Taiwan, Serbia, South Africa and Belgium to name a few TV / Chef Presenter, filming more than 1,250 TV shows around the world for the likes of BBC2, BBC Worldwide, ITV1, Channel 5, etc. 

Alan`s professional bodies include President of the iTi (International Taste Institute of Brussels) chef’s jury, President and founder of  CSF (Chefs Sans Frontieres), European Ambassador for the Disciples of Escoffier International, British Ambassador for Food and Drink.

Alan`s career has seen him leading the way and opening the doors for others with many “firsts” under his belt including First Chef to open and run the largest 4-star hotel in Europe ( Paris, France) with 1098 rooms leading a culinary brigade of 68 International chefs, The first chef to be invited to become “President of the International Taste Institute” Brussels, the first chef to be invited to become the “EU Ambassador for Disciples of Escoffier Int“, the first chef to obtain Michelin recommendation and “Good Food Guide” in the IoM, the first chef to film more than 1,250 TV shows around the world, First British chef to become speaker and moderator of the “Chefs World Summit” Monte Carlo, the first chef to be classed and named as a “Food Archaeologist” by a national British newspaper, the first chef to launch TV cookery shows on BBC2, First and only chef to be included in the “Guinness book of world records” for taking part in the largest ever global speakers conference.

Professional membership, honours and organisations such as Member of the Royal Academy of Culinary Arts, Member of the British Guild of Food Writers, Member of the Disciples of Escoffier Swiss branch, Honorary member of the Swiss chefs Association, Honorary “Fellow” of the Al Khalifa Business School, Honorary member of the World Chefs Association, Member of the “Organisation Mondiale de la Gastronomie” or Patron of the charity “Unichef”.

He received different Awards and Accolades such as “The Maitrise Escoffier (by the Association Culinaire Francaise), ACF “Palmes Culinaire“, Winner of 6 Gold international awards for innovation, Winner of “Winner of Winners” caterer and hotelkeeper award, Winner of 5 Golds at “International salon culinaires” for butter sculptures, Winner of 2 cookbook awards, MBA Business Innovation of the Year Award, MBA Innovative product of the year award or voted within the “Top 10” favorite TV chef presents of the world by BBC Worldwide viewers poll.




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