In this national month and as a prelude to what will be the most important event for our Peruvian entrepreneurs in Miami, this November 19, 2023, the Mayor of Medley Miami Roberto Martell received the delegation in charge of promoting Calle Perú, with the objective of showcasing more Peruvians in spaces of commercial exchange and international cooperation, as well as formalizing the delivery of keys and cultural twinning.

It should be noted that Calle Perú was born five years ago with a resolution of the Municipality of Medley, and Miami Dade County in the United States, thanks to the hard work of the General Manager of Dstinosperu Mónica Canales and Ambassador Luis Suárez Hernández, Director of the AKBS Social Community Program, Executive Vice President of the Miami Lakes South Florida Republican Club, President of the Miami Ambassador Lions Club and President / Chief Curator of the Suarez Museum of Natural Science & History.

“I am proud of what we have been achieving as a team, happy because thanks to the foreign authorities, today it is a reality to carry the name of Calle Perú high,” Mónica Canales said in her speech.

Meanwhile, the founder of Comunidad Power and in charge of Calle Perú Communications, Susana Gutiérrez, delivered her Pisco Power brand to the Mayor, “Peruvian entrepreneurs are made of struggle and a lot of passion, we are happy to embrace new projects and horizons abroad”.

Likewise, within the activities carried out, the keys of the Cities were delivered to whose mayors, the Mayor of Daniel Alcides Carrión from the Pasco region Ramón Hereña Roque was present, the Mayor of Sondorillo from the Piura region Luis Armando Ludeña Gálvez, the Vice President of the EsSalud Board of Directors Mario Carhuapoma Yande, the Deputy Mayor of the District of Surco Eliana Toledo, Alejandrina Domínguez, Yeny Pajuelo Leon, Susana Gutierrez of the Power Community, Yadira Silva, Horacio Bustamante, Armando Cornejo Florez, Shirley Maldonado, Alex Rodríguez , Omar Sanchez, Hector Obregon, Dr. Hugo Romeu, among various Peruvian businessmen and officials who highlighted the willingness of the mayor of Medley, Roberto Martell, for a street in Miami County to bear the name of Peru.



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