A night to remember: the country’s leaders and visionaries are honored in a prestigious ceremony.

Last Friday the 12th, the **National Award Decoration ceremony took place. Congratulations Excellence of the year** at the emblematic **Club de la Unión**, an event that celebrates the outstanding contributions of individuals and organizations in various areas of society.

This year, the gala was marked by emotional moments and inspiring speeches, where recognized the dedication, talent and effort of the winners. The ceremony featured presence of distinguished personalities, some of the award winners and special guests, who were honored for their exceptional work and positive impact on the community.

The **Club de la Unión** dressed up to receive the attendees, who enjoyed

an evening full of glamor and meaning. The decoration of the place, in accordance with the solemnity of the event, created the perfect atmosphere for a night of celebration and recognition.

The night was even more special with the presence of Ambassador Luis Suárez Hernández, who was honored with a **gold necklace with diamonds** in recognition of his invaluable “humanitarian aid” in different countries, and in particular, for the commitment of him and contributions of him to Peru. Ambassador Suárez Hernández has been a key figure in the promotion of peace and support for victims of conflict, demonstrating a spirit of solidarity and compassion that transcends borders.

In addition, the night was even more memorable with the distinction to the “Police officers National of Peru (PNP)” who received recognition for their exemplary service and commitment to the security and well-being of the nation. The PNP, known for its dedication and bravery, continues to be a fundamental pillar in the protection of citizens and in the promotion of social peace.

The “National Excellence Award of the year” is a testament to the commitment of the country with excellence and innovation.

Each year, this award highlights the importance of continue working for a better and brighter future for all.

On this occasion, the person in charge of delivering the awards was Dr. Edgar Roncal Pérez, Director of the National Chamber of Commerce of Peru, who highlighted the importance of collaboration and leadership in promoting business and social excellence.



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