At present, in Higher education, there is at a crucial moment worldwide where titles have lost value with respect to experience. 

Recently I founded a long-term start-up – constituted on August 22 – with which it is intended that a totally practical training with which develop theories in different areas of the business world with prominent professionals from each area in order to innovate and disrupt in the field of higher education.

This project is called Al-Khalifa Business SchoolLinks to an external site. and its intention is to create and develop innovation in business learning in different business areas through online platforms with courses, professional certifications, and specializations.

During the last years there are multiple cases of young people who attend a job interview with thousands of dollars qualifications that are rejected for being a more inexperienced degree. Therefore, this project aims to make use of professionals who stand out in their own fields and who can offer a different approach to the future leaders of tomorrow. In this way, both apprentices and intermediate positions can prosper thanks to having been trained – or even collaborated through the internship projects – with prominent personalities in their field.

It is clearly illustrative that when we attended college we always learned more with a practical lesson from a teacher who works in practice than with the study of 50 books. That is why we do not require degrees or studies in our teaching staff, only the experience that has led them to be leaders in their sectors.

For example, among the advisory committee we have personalities such as Afaf Konja (spokesperson for the 68th General Assembly of the United Nations), Dr. Hari Eppanapally ( Vice President of the Global InfoTech Division of the Bank of New York Mellon) H.E. Igor Olegovich Eleferenko (Counselor of State of Russia) and Mohamed Al Ali (CEO and Advisor of Sheikh Ahmad Bin Obaid Al Maktoum International Investment Enterprises); as well as the honorary opinion of His Majesty Mahmoud Salah Al Din Assaf, H.E. Luis Suárez Hernández (member of the advisory board of His Royal Highness Pedro José de Mendoça Bragança and Bourbon of Portugal, Duke de Loulée and Diplomatic Ambassador NOHE / ONU) and His Majesty Togbe Osei III (traditional leader of Godenu for the Constitution of the Republic of Ghana), among others.

Al-Khalifa Business School develops several programs related to business in fields of interest for the 21st century, taught by renowned professors who are esteemed professionals in their field. The programs include Law, Agri-Business, Media Business, Music Business, Economic Business and Health Business program.

Among the next objectives of Al-Khalifa Business School are the launch of the first courses on Agri-Business and Media Business in the first month of 2020 and the economics and law programs after their meetings at the Forum on World Economic Forum 2020, as part of the events organized by entities such as: MIT and the United Nations Foundation.

Al-Khalifa School of Business is under the royal patronage of His Highness Mahmoud Salah Al Din Assaf and is associated with the Assaf Foundation.

The sponsorship and alliance seek support in research and development activities, as well as professors and students of the business school with partner universities and other business schools of the Foundation, with the aim of creating strong collaborations for research and development. program development and global programs.

Also, we are aware of Global education. Al-Khalifa Business School is collaborating in a global alliance of Universities and Business School with the creation of the partnership program with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals “Cross-Cultural and Cross-functional Higher Education Project” an association initiative registered in the United Nations Database of Sustainable Development Goals.



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