Educating Beyond Borders 2024 Annual New Year Conference. From Aspiration to Action: Your 2024 Starts Now

Under the Patronage of Sheikh Ahmed El Haiba, Samer Salameh and Joshua Hawley

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Title: Beyond Resolutions, Design Your 2024

Start with Intention – Building a Better You. A Better World (2024)

Theme: Start with intention. Practical steps how to create a better life and make the year a good year.

Rationale: Educating Beyond Borders’ conference is a premiere learning event to give people insights into how to create the change they want to see. Our event will give attendees deep insights into how to create a better life and make the year a good year. The theme of our conference ties in with the themes of new year, start with intention, and that people are making new year resolutions.

People are looking into wellness and self improvement like the gym right now. So how can we tap into that good intentions motivation? Why should we tap into the new year good intentions motivations? People care passionately about causes – from the climate emergency, to protecting wild life, to eradicating poverty, achieving world peace, to ending hunger – there are many social issues people care about and want to see change. Yet, year after year we are no closer to the world we wish to see. Infact, the UN continues to report that the Sustainable Development Goals are not on track to be met. It would help people to understand that in order to create the change they want to see; they need to live intentionally, a deliberate approach to life that transcends and embraces all cultures and societies – and it is this – this leads to the change they want to see.

Our conference emphasizes the importance of conscious planning and goal setting, purposeful action and deliberate effort in shaping the year ahead. Our purpose to host our conference is to emphasize the personal and global benefits of intentional living. We connect individual growth with wider positive change. This is because personal development never happens in a vacuum; though it is often framed as it does.

Educating Beyond Borders has designed this year’s annual new year conference to help people learn more about the transformative potential of intentional living. Its connection to individual and global improvement; framing personal growth within a wider context of societal impact.

Speakers (alphabetical order)
Prof. Sir Manuel Freire-Garabal y Núñez

Betty Knight

Mala Mattu

Richard Perry

Tom Pottrill

Jhoana Serna

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