Al-Khalifa Business School (AKBS) and the Moscow International Institute of Informatics, Management, Economics and Law (MIIIMEL) signed in 27th November 2019 an agreement based in the Development of Bachelors, masters and doctorate business programs providing the opportunity to do research for Ph. D/ research fellow and develop academic programs.

MIIIMEL and AKBS, inspired by the extensive possibilities offered by cooperation, recognize the need to develop and nurture new partnerships, with the aim to promote research understanding and contribute to the pool of global knowledge. Considering their common interest in promoting mutual cooperation in the area of education and research, both parties, therefore, wish to expand the basis for friendship and cooperative educational exchange.

Based on this agreement MIIIMEL and AKBS are partner institutions for the development of the relevant academic areas, considering each institution as Associated University, based in the mutual recognition they sign.




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